Root of the hair

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is non Рlaser permanent hair removal. Electrolysis has been in use for over 100 years, and is the only FDA approved method for PERMANENT hair removal. It is effective for all hair types, skin types, and areas of the face or body. Although slower than shaving, waxing, threading, or laser hair removal, electrolysis is permanent, safe, and involves minimal discomfort.

An electrologist permanently removes unwanted hair by inserting a very fine sterile metal probe into the hair follicle, applying electricity to produce heat or induce lye formation, and thereby destroying the germ cells at the root of the hair. Since one cannot see inside the hair follicle, down to the root of the hair, the process is very dependent on the skill of the electrologist, and his/ her ability to judge the angle of hair growth, the depth and thickness of the hair, as well as the amount of electricity needed in terms of heat or lye formation in order to destroy the hair germ cells. Thus, a good electrologist, like a good hair stylist, requires much skill and talent. A good electrologist will help you look your best by permanently removing all your unwanted hairs.