How do I find an electrologist?


Well, first of all, you can find out if your state requires a license for electrologists. For example, the state of California requires 600 hours of schooling, plus a passing score on a written and practical exam before one can be licensed to perform electrolysis hair removal. Consumers can look up the California Department of Consumer Affairs at and look for the link “License SEARCH” and then “Search by City/ County” followed by “Board of Barbering and Cosmetology” and “Electrologist” to find a licensed electrologist.

For states that do not have licensing requirements for electrologists, the American Electrology Association is a national association that provides electrologist testing & certification. They have a members list that can be found at although keep in mind that the list may not be as complete as the one in your particular state.

Since most offices offer free first time consultation, I would recommend going in person and talking to several different electrologists before choosing someone. Finally, you should see results within 2 to 3 months of starting a regular hair removal schedule of a smaller area such as a woman’s chin. It is important that you follow the same schedule that you used for your previous hair removal method. For example, if you wax or thread every 2 weeks, you should see your electrologist every 2 weeks in the beginning of the course of treatment, so that she can catch and kill the new hairs when they first grow out and are at their most vulnerable. Otherwise, it will take longer to see results because of the nature of the hair growth and rest cycles.

One final note is to be fair to your electrologist and stick with her/ him for a period of at least 2 to 3 months. This is because the hairs are most difficult to kill at the beginning of the course of treatment or during the first clearing. If you do a lot of shopping around and see many electrologists at the same time, you may not have good results, and it will be difficult to figure out the reason why.


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